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Since 1990 some sectors not traditional have been increasing steadily its exporting activity. Where course, it should be noted, that many of these sectors are characterized because its activities have high environmental impact. Therefore, the strengthening of the proambientalistas trends in developed countries, and the lack of attention to the problem by firms, it is significantly affecting Venezuelan exports accordingly, affecting the trade balance and they make more difficult the process of economic recovery. Secondly, and by no means least important, appear problems of environmental impact in areas of high industry concentration in the country. Needless to say that in Venezuela the industrial park presents a poor infrastructure for the treatment of industrial waste, fact that is easily verified in many States like Carabobo, Merida, Zulia, to mention a few, where are given different emissions that have polluted the air, the water, forcing that is to implement the design of strategies of Prevention of pollution. It is evidence that export-oriented enterprises have been specified to develop environmental management programs to meet requirements of their external markets, in both, that flushed to domestic market companies show a great ignorance in relation to the problem. Furthermore, constraints seem traditional innovative capacity, such as the industrial sector and the size of the firm, to play an important role in raising environmental awareness and social responsibility (Chudnosky, 1995)…

On the other hand, in Venezuela, without a doubt, the cost of financing of this restructuring process is fairly high. Course, adapt to these new paths has, without doubt, a very high cost. All of this raises questions with regard to whether companies have the capacity to confront and accept these changes by itself alone or whether, on the contrary, must have funding sources that enable it to embark on these processes of restructuring. In relationship with the first point, with a few exceptions, the almost automatic response is not.


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