The Power Of The Imagination

The power of the imagination is stronger of what the will, it can take us to distort it the reality and to cause, even though, hallucinations. But its performance is not depleted there: it can provoke illnesses real estate, as well as to be important factor in its cure. It acts in such a way in the organic sphere how much in the psychic sphere. Everything what we think with clarity and firmness, transplanta inside of the limits of common-sense for the somatic band. When imagining that we are eating a gostosa slice of pineapple is common that the glands salivares start to segregate saliva, already repaired in this? How many times, to only imagine our foods preferred, we obtain to feel its taste or its aroma. Being thus, if to imagine with firmness that we cannot or we will not obtain to carry through something, with certainty we will not be able exactly.

Our conscientious one constantly is influenced by the subconscious mind for the success, but, in the same way, we can program it for the failure. When the reason and the imagination have different points of view, the imagination always it is successful. Camden Treatment Associates has similar goals. When we are sick, we think ' ' I want to be curado' '. Some people, exactly asking for with will, do not obtain and others are only cured taking a tea or one placebo, simply because it has faith of that they will be cured. The reliable lack and too much effort are the main reasons of any failure. Many people place obstacles for fully not understanding the functioning of the subconscious mind simply. You always will fail when trying to use of mental pressure, therefore its subconscious mind does not answer to the pressure, and yes its faith or acceptance of the idea for the conscientious mind. You must be certain of that she has an exit for the problem afflicts that it.


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