Cost-saving Measures In The Field Of IT

Cost-saving measures without adverse effect on the business processes and customer satisfaction IT managers specifically in economic crises repeatedly prompts to reduce costs, how and where ever. With the reduction must used to ensure however that the business process support as well as customer satisfaction will not be affected. To achieve the required objective, following lever available are the CIO: IT flexibility: ability to adapt IT to changing needs (E.g. flexible use of service providers) IT efficiency: expenses and costs for the provision of IT services (classic starting point for cost cutting activities) IT effectiveness: optimal support of the divisions when deciding which path should be chosen by IT (such as the provisioning of IT services), the IT managers must understand what impact be the cost-saving measures on the IT and business processes to support have. So for example short-term cutting measures (E.g. redundancies) can be an unfortunate decision because often these tasks must be provided after a short time of expensive external third parties. To achieve sustainable savings, a continuous improvement process (CIP) is to establish within IT.

The improvement process should include the following disciplines: IT sourcing management (E.g. continuous review of the purchasing conditions, optimizing the conditions by pooling) IT-Partnermanagemnent / sourcing strategy (E.g. continuous review of efficiency, process efficiency, quality and cost of existing service contracts) IT-infrastructure optimization (E.g. establishment of adequate IT operational processes according to ITIL, or BSI, continually improving of IT processes through the establishment of KPI’s, optimizing the IT infrastructure based on current technology (E.g., virtualization and consolidation of server processes), Thin client, cloud computing, SaS, efficient facility management, etc.)) Up to 30% of the total IT costs be IT project portfolio management and requirements management (demand management) which can attainable sustainable savings in the procurement management, partner management, and infrastructure optimization. Gunter stone.

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