Fresh Water Nanofilters

Our country possesses huge reserves of fresh water, it pleases. But thrifty attitude to water we do not know. This is raw sewage flowing into the intakes of water supply systems, and washing the car in the nearest lake or stream. Of course on the 'maybe' this attitude will not work and now we go to shop for fresh water. Market of bottled water at all a separate issue.

Reading the labels on bytylyah, we notice that it's probably water from municipal water supplies. Well if the water additionally clean the filter, and more often, and this money is not spent, and how many fakes? Statistics says about 80%! Of course you can buy an inexpensive home filter for $ 20, which judging by the advertising purifies water as well as models for $ 600. Naturally, many can not afford these costs and are constantly exposed to the organism at risk. Naturally the disease will manifest through the decades and quality of water we do not assign. Due to the development of nanotechnology in the world, and particularly in our country, we have the opportunity to have affordable water treatment system.

Now nanofilters can afford each family. These filters to purify water in the tens or hundreds of times better than advertised technology. Only this technology can purify even the hot water up to the sky-blue color, because we have completely forgotten the natural color of water. And all it is only a small part of what can nanofilters


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