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Browser Opera

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

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Already nearly three years ago that my experience of Internet browsing has become a pleasant trip to avoid using classics such as Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Although both search engines have much updated their characteristics, substantially improving the benefits offered to sailors, Opera ( continues to be the preferred browser for me. Microsoft’s Explorer browser problems are well known to all. Among them several Bugs or security holes that allowed the entry of viruses and other herbs that made navigation a dangerous experience. Explorer has improved its design and some of the benefits and above all has solved the problem of security holes but remains a heavy Web browser, with little comfortable and lacking in creativity for increasingly more advanced Internet users. Firefox on the other hand, is a much better browser Explorer that has managed to hear part of navigators or Internet users claims although this far contain the advanced features which has Opera.

Opera dubs between the multiple benefits of their features with a single click a text in a window called notes, thus avoiding that we we must operate an attached document such as Word or Notepad making navigation much more agile. In this notes, we have a file of texts copied during all our navigation, and may delete, add or remove terms we want. Opera also allows you to store all your passwords safely and avoiding having to remember them, doing it by EA With a single click on the passwords button, you may enter yours and if it has several to say the same Gmail account, you can choose between them. For those who have problems with sight, Opera allows easy and comfortably expand the size of the texts, just move the + or on your keyboard. Another excellent feature of Opera is Speed Dial that allows you to save when you open a new window 9 favorite Internet pages and so visiting them much more quickly. These and other dozens of features of Opera makes for me the leading and exclusive browser that allow me to surf the Internet in a pleasant way and saving me much time. News unusual original author and source of the article.

Jesse Livermore

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

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United States indexes charts pointing everyone towards a downward acceleration for the next few weeks, and as we pointed out, the market fundamentals are not enthusiastic. Who intends to buy in these instances of market, should be clear that this is not forming at the moment No Bull – from the point of view of the analysis contained technician-for absolutely any term for the time, but those who look for the long term should know endure the downpour that comes and in any way disassemble purchased positions, even knowing that it will be more ugly before that better. Many initiated in markets often ask me what to do when in the midst of a decline as the current have been purchased and are desperate with each new daily low. The first thing I ask myself is: what was the term for which you defined your investment?. If the short answer, I advise you to next raised a loss limit and respect them, and if it is long, that therefore respect term that has before making the investment, and are inverted! Many investors tend to look at day to day fluctuations and see their portfolios lose value quickly. If the question of the operation had been maintaining long-term, because it is not convenient to look at the intraday because errors because of the panic can be defining in any portfolio. There s a time to go long, to time to go short and to time to go fishing (there is a time to buy, a time to sell and a time to go fishing), said Jesse Livermore, one of the great traders of the world history if I wasn’t vegetarian, I would go to look for the cane.