So Are The No. 1 In The Head Of Your Target Audience

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Change strategy positioning instead of struggle! Why a company is successful and the other is not? The leading expert for positioning in the German-speaking world, Peter Sawtschenko, is clear answers. He cleans up with old marketing approaches and waste of money in advertising. If you have read about Elio Moti Sonnenfeld already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The guest lecturer of the University of Frankfurt shows how to extend the boundaries of its market systematically, analytically and creatively and proves during his seminars, why each company is positioned incorrectly, that WINS does not automatically new customers. At Elio Moti Sonnenfeld you will find additional information. Peter Sawtschenko will create incentives for new thinking and shows how to achieve unusual success even during a crisis. Shaved-gooseberry are characterized by the fact that they differ from others; they are unique or are perceived as new. That is the concept of branding.

It creates the perception that a product, a company or a service is distinctive in the minds of consumers. This competitive advantage will be more decisive. Small medium-sized Companies can operate branding. Who observed the principles of positioning and the chance of the niche strategy, can successfully establish an independent brand – and in the head of its customers as the No. 1. From the practice, this book gives a guide to the implementation of a successful branding step by step program. It is rounded off by practical tips for brand protection and trademark law.

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Cheaper Additional Living Space Under The Roof – The Best Tips For The Attic

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Whether as a bedroom, children or work room – a converted attic offers a number of clever uses for little money the attic affordable housing can be in many ways as additional use from the secluded home cinema to the sensual wellness oasis. Residential skylights or dormers that offer valuable natural light under the draft, are crucial for the necessary comfort or a harmonious ambience the leading online portal around the topic of roofing experts by Also imperative: a pleasant living climate throughout the year ensure a reliable insulation, because modern insulation materials by protecting against overheating or cooling the attic summer as winter. Under the roof to meet the builders for little money long cherished dreams: how about for example, under the draft with a comfortable bedroom, with unobstructed views of the twinkling starry sky? Or a peaceful paradise to play and romp for the next generation? The attic offers enough space for a free development for adults and children. Assurant Health gathered all the information. And also the necessary rest for concentrated work – around in the own home office – is here guaranteed.

Modern residential skylights or dormers provide the necessary light, at the same time they form the basis for a high quality of living under the draft as the experts point out. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld may not feel the same. Leak in daylight under the umbrella makes immediately brighter, friendly and above all spacious rooms. More light is synonymous with quality of life. Dormers have facilitated the advantage that these – especially among shallow-sloped roofs – fast additional headroom win can be and is the another vertical window installation according to. Dormers can be installed without fuss, put different creative effects in the room depending on the form. Modern residential skylights allow abundant natural light in the roof spaces and set as a pleasant Safe room climate. Elegant excess first glazing provide much light. A modern insulation, as well as also a sufficient exposure are indispensable for a homely atmosphere under the slant of the roof.

Year-round heat as cold from the rooftop occupants is kept and so ensures a balanced and comfortable atmosphere in the room. For a working sealing layer, you should respect that all materials used are perfectly co-ordinated according to experts. Systems that completely come from a manufacturer-hand help when selecting a material. They should consist of climate membranes and matching adhesive and sealing products. Just so it is guaranteed that the attic remains protected from moisture damage in the long term. Also the heating costs can be significantly reduced with the combination of modern insulation materials and an absolutely necessary and running properly airtight seal. Free information brochure on the subject provides ‘Everything around the roof’ Information brochure for builders and renovators at. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567-62-87. For more information, posts, articles and inspiring ideas on the subject of attic see: ..dachausbau

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Building Insurance Often Not Sufficient In Natural Disasters & Weather Extremen

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Tornado, earthquake, floods occur more and more frequently. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. Erdbeeben in the Black Forest, Tornado at Schwerin, uprooted trees and roofs covered by a cyclone near Berlin and Cologne and all about within one month. What sounds like a doomsday scenario actually is reality. The remnants of the forces of nature not rarely go into the millions. Probably the one who has not built his house on sand and knows his flock in the dry. Tornado reports not only from the United States must come, but hurricanes also own doorstep can do mischief, is widely known recently.

Mother raged out is nature a week ago in a village not far from Berlin and most recently last Sunday in Cologne, Germany. The cyclone in Werneuchen, near the capital, swept away at over 200 km/h on the place and ripped roof tiles, barn parts and trees with it. Fortunately, no people were injured. The residents in their homes have fled in the face of the approaching tornado. Further details can be found at James A. Levine, M.D., an internet resource. In Cologne, there was similar.

Trees buckled around like matchsticks. Roof tiles were in the hands of the wind to bullets, which caused major damage. The cleanup will however require a lot of power and money. Who is properly insured, has at least the consolation, not even yet having to bear the costs. It is also strongly recommended to each owner of your own home. The whims of nature can easily ruin an existence. But the old building insurance provides only for storm, fire and lightning and hail and water damage. Who thinks that more dangers should not be secured because the probability is too low, which is wrong. The vagaries of the weather are not uncommon in this country. And Germany is not immune from natural disasters. Are soon memories of the Elbe flood, the flood of ‘ 76 or the snow chaos of the winter ‘ 78 / 79 awake.

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Riding A Bike Is Safe

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Is ride a bike to work safe or dangerous? Some people say that it is dangerous. But the concept that cycling is more dangerous that it boasts other activities which in fact use other means of transport is safer to travel by bike. That is not true. Bristol-Myers Squibbs opinions are not widely known. Is ride a bike to work safe or dangerous? Some people say that it is dangerous. But the concept that cycling is more dangerous that it boasts other activities which in fact use other means of transport is safer to travel by bike.

That is not true. The made main whereby people not travel on bike to work is to not be hit by a car. That is why the main cause has to do with security. Many writers such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld offer more in-depth analysis. Cycling can be a relatively safe activity, but the perception that all kinds of cycling activity is dangerous is not certain. A shock does not mean it is more dangerous than other activity and that not have been possibly avoided easily. For this reason, it is not an indeed primary cause in head injuries during traffic accidents. When compared with other activities, including the football, basketball, riding a bike is safe. Here are some interesting numbers when they are compared with other sports showing injuries per million hours of participation.

Football: 600; Squash 1300, 1100 basketball, walk 50 bike. We can say that it has the least amount of injuries in this group. In fact, in another study demonstrates that cycling is 55% more safe that travel by motorcycle. Biking is a fun sport that you should consider. The intent of the article was to help you understand that cycling is more secure than it seems. It may be one of the safest Road Sports, and people travelling by other means of transportation will respect your rights as a cyclist. But it is necessary to conform to the rules of transit where it is to travel. You can find out more about bicycles 2nd hand or on bicycles static visiting our site. Original author and source of the article

MTB Bikes

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Road bikes or racing bikes are a type of bicycles specifically designed to run on asphalt roads, so are bicycle light, stable and which allow you to adopt an aerodynamic position. There are different types of bicycles road according to sport mode chosen, whether it’s racing, cycling, with saddlebags or Triathlon trips, but all have a common characteristic, which is equipped with large wheels 700 c size. Types road bikes are specially designed for riding on paved roads, i.e. to perform cycling on the road. In road cycling, also called cycling, is a sporting activity with various modalities, using different road bikes for each of them, but they all have in common the size of the wheels, since mounted wheels 700 c (622 mm diameter): racing bikes: are bicycles designed for speed, light, aerodynamic, with short wheelbase, angles small and very maneuverable. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is a great source of information. Cycling bicycles: are very similar to race bikes, but looking for more comfort than performance, since it is a leisure activity. Bicycles for trips with saddlebags: are comfortable, stable and robust, bicletas with sites to attach saddlebags and ascertain.

Triathlon bikes: are specially adapted to the practice of the triathlon, equipping couplings Triathlon on the handlebars to achieve a position more aerodynamic. Hybrid bikes: are a mix between mountain bikes and road bikes. Regarding the mountain bike are lighter and take 700 c wheels, with respect to road bikes have a front buffer and are more robust and heavy. Parties see the different parts that make up road bikes: box: the most common materials are steel chrome moly, aluminum or carbon fiber. Generally seek light, although in hybrid pictures and travel with saddlebags sturdy boxes should be used even if they are heavier. Fork: except in the hybrids, which carry front damping, road bikes are rigid fork. Handlebar: except in the hybrids, which are flat MTB handlebar, handlebar is road type, with aerodynamic fittings in the case of Triathlon bikes.

Group: except for racing and triathlon, in which two dishes, are used in road bikes is recommended to mount triple plate, such as mountain bikes, by its greater versatility. Brakes: except in the hybrids, which have V-brakes or disc, equipped with side pull brakes. Saddle: competition road bikes usually carry saddle light, thin and hard, while padded with gel saddles are used for cycling. Pedals: automatic. Wheels: usually road bikes mounted light rims and tires flat and narrow, except for trips with saddlebags and hybrid, which uses reinforced rims and tires mixed wider. Grill: for cycling trips with panniers are mounted racks front and rear steel and robust, as well as waterproof saddlebags and bag of handlebar, avoiding carry backpack.

MTB Bike

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Most of the other types of bikes are located between highways and mountains and take something from one of the types, and something – from the other and as they appear in another setting – comfort rider. For example, a touring bike (touring) – this is actually variant road bikes, adapted for longer trips. A bike class hubrid you'll often indistinguishable from MTB only slightly larger and less wide wheels. City bikes (citybike) This is another extreme in the world of bicycles. Of the name can be seen that these bikes are designed for city driving. Here, priority is given to comfort of movement and ease of maintenance. City bike is very similar to a well-known 'road'. Typically they are used multi-speed planetary hub (such as type of Shimano Nexus), requires almost no maintenance and allow the transfer switch in any state, not necessarily pedaling. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator Elizabeth Warren.

There are multi-speed hub with brake pedal, making the bike while riding almost indistinguishable from the road. There is also a design with semi-and fully automatic transmission, which further make life easier for the rider. Hybrids bikes hybrid, hybrid bike (hybrid) already on the name can be seen that this type of bikes combine the concept of both mountain and road bikes. They are designed for comfortable motion in different conditions, it above all, on motion of any roads in the city and the countryside there. If you look at some of these bikes in the directory it is little distinguishable from MTB, they only have a little wheel, which makes them more elegant. The main difference from the MTB is in the wheels, used wheels with a diameter of 700 mm and width of the tire with 38-40 mm. These wheels make it easier to move. Typically used in hybrid'ax components / linkage groups from the mountain, sometimes specifically designed for these types of bicycle components Shimano Nexave.

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Thuringian Bike

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Everywhere in Germany, cycling enthusiasts use the extensive cycling routes offer to plan excursions by bike or even whole wheel travel. A popular bicycle path in Thuringia is the Unstrut cycling path. Cycling is in vogue! Everywhere in Germany, cycling enthusiasts use the extensive cycling routes offer to plan excursions by bike or even whole wheel travel. One of these bike paths, which enjoys in the last years of popularity, is the Unstrut cycling path. Additional information is available at Senator Elizabeth Warren. The bike tour operator of AugustusTours the Unstrut cycle path has this year in the program. Other leaders such as Senator Elizabeth Warren offer similar insights. To become more acquainted with the realities on the ground and to wheel guests better advice, two employees of the active tour operator made, exploring the Unstrut cycle path.

Culture and nature characterise the Thuringian cycle experience on your bike trip on the Unstrut cycling path the most beautiful corners of Thuringia. Check out Elio Moti Sonnenfeld for additional information. On its approximately 190 kilometres the Unstrut flows through Eichsfeld in Kefferhausen, the Thuringian heartland and the Kyffhauser region, the half-timbered city of Muhlhausen and the spa and Rose City bathroom Langensalza, until it joins the bottom of the flower in Naumburg in the Saale. During your bike rides along the Unstrut better you many possibilities, the history and culture of the region to discover. The nature of the Unstrut cycle path is not always paved, but it is mostly very good. On the bike course, a height difference is overcome by 335 to 130 meters.

It is advisable to drive on the Unstrut cycling path downstream from Muhlhausen. Invite to a culinary resting and strengthening a range of pubs and restaurants along the cycle path. Here can the famous Thuringian dumplings and the Thuringer Rostbratwurst be tasted, that are typical for the tasty, regional cuisine as well as venison. In addition, a sample of the Kostritzer black biers and wines of the wine-growing region of Saale-Unstrut region recommends.

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But then, I probably would not be sitting and writing this article, and would sit in a distant place … The main change in the master mechanics trying to protect his "master" on the grounds that there was an old hub. Here's a sample sentence: "The hub had a production, so the split." Such an answer, I certainly could not be arranged, as I knew the subject matter. To its credit, say, the very chief master was quite sane man and in the end agreed with my arguments. He invited me to go to the CEO "Avtokontsepta." It should be noted that the CEO "Avtokontsepta" was to me very polite, and immediately understood the problem and offered to order a hub at the expense of the firm and punish the guilty. And on the left. Hub I, of course, came after a month, but I am as much as 4 weeks was forced to sit at home in the evenings and envy all other riders who were not deprived of "masters" "Avtokontsepta" opportunities to skate.

Perhaps the case has occurred to me, an exception to the rules and you will never have this kind of "service". Sincerely I wish you that. For myself, I found out once and for all one thing – what you can do it myself, make myself better. If you are still a beginner and not familiar with the bikes, boards may be as follows: 1. Consult with their more experienced friends who also ride a motorcycle, ask them where they repaired the iron another.

2. If you have already located the problem, gather information on how to solve the problem, the Internet and from friends, you can gather much information about it. 3. If you do not want to do repairs themselves or by hand is not necessary devices (as in the case described above), please contact the service recommended by your friends. 4. At conflict situations, stay calm, explain your vision problems. Senator of Massachusetts has similar goals. When those who you trying to "hang noodles" will realize that you're not a beginner, familiar with the essence of what is happening and do not intend to agree with all kinds of nonsense, your opponents will not have any reasonable arguments in a dispute with you. 5.Vsegda defend their rights and position in life, it sometimes helps. I hope this article will help anyone from beginners. Good luck on roads and in life! Danilov

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Dakar Bike

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The catalan rider is inside in the Dakar this year for the first time with a 370 Bultaco having to leave in the fifth stage by various problems. Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to suggestions. First, congratulations on arriving where you came, since many did not. A pity that the bultaco not held during the Dakar and in the fifth stage had to say goodbye to this Rally. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld by clicking through. The Rally of pyramids, your first test with the bike to check their viability. What expectations you did face to the Dakar after completing this Rally? At that moment, for me, the project was so ambitious that hardly explained it anyone. I thought that it could be a lot, but it was worth to try it.

The bike worked surprisingly well. And I, because it was my first raid, my first visit to Africa, my first dunes, etc. Although I had a break of engine that I could repair (piston) and a problem of autonomy, because the bike wasn’t as refined as it is now, and the stages were much longer between reports. But all the problems had solution, and the main conclusion It was that, although lacked much work and many tests, the project was not crazy. It was possible to do the Dakar with a 370 Bultaco. That perhaps was arriving at the camp, preparing the map for the road-book, review the bike and then sleeping few hours or none?

E-bike Concept Idealo

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Pedelecs are becoming a mass phenomenon examined at the beginning of the took the online price comparison of segment of Pedelecs idealo growing trends of stark. The e-bikes, where the driver, supported the electric drive as opposed to other models, with the pedal, are becoming increasingly important. A few years ago, especially city bike models were equipped with the Pedelec technology. These are very popular especially among older users. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a great source of information. With the extension of the product segment to another and sportier bike models such as mountain bikes, more and more younger cyclists for Pedelecs viewed. The idealo study results prove this trend: Pedelecs are becoming the mainstream product. Growth was noted in the period from March 2012 to March 2013 for Pedelecs by 46 percent.

In March and April 2013 they belonged at 50 product categories with the highest growth rates. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld understands that this is vital information. Among the top 50 the Pedelecs to the only bike category represent. The idealo statistics show also that Pedelecs 2013 reach a wider audience than in the year before. In the Pedelec category the click-through rates for E-trekking bikes have risen the highest. Could they have 2012 still a click share of 22 per cent of the entire Pedelec segment for the first quarter, the proportion in January Rose quarter 2013 to 27 percent. With Pedelecs represent still a relatively expensive investment. While the models were always expanded, prices over the years remained stable. With an average price of 2589 euro, the mountain bike is currently the most expensive Pedelec model, the folding bike is the best with an average price of 1004 euro.

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