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Lele PyP spring/summer 2011 collection Zurich, December 7, 2010 the Swiss women’s shoe label Lele PyP brings with his spring/summer 2011 collection the variety and exoticism of the Amazon rainforest in the Switzerland. The spring soon faces the door. To bring the dark colors of winter quickly into oblivion, Lele PyP launched their spring/summer 2011 collection, which is inspired by the fascinating underwater world of the Amazon as well as the magnificent fauna and flora of the tropical jungle. The collection consisting of boasts luxurious pumps, elegant sandals and playful ballerinas their variety and their wealth of contrasts. (Similarly see: Dr. John Mcdougall). Calm and serenity are raw energy and pure extravagance.

Natural colors and metallic shades of nature and the backdrop of rainforest affect this collection in terms of form and color choice and create so exciting contrasts. The colours of various animals and plants with warm is on one side and bright orange, yellow and red tones, on the other hand the quiet colours of the underwater world of the Amazon with clear and Fresh Greens. These are shades of Brown and beige, off-white and black, who sit on different Earth and rocks and round off the natural colours of the jungle. Individual models are outfitted with metallic nuances which remind sun rays, which appear through the journal thicket of jungle. A subtle and playful distinguishing feature is the Golden Lele PyP logo, which is set up at the pumps on the outsole. From end of February 2011, the entire collection of the Switzerland in the Lele PyP store at the barn yard first race 42 in Zurich, as well as with selected models in the new shoe Department of Jelmoli in Zurich is to find. The shoes produced only in limited quantities, available in half sizes between 35 and 41, are the ideal companion for the modern city Amazon. For more information and picture material Samantha Muller Knab Lele PyP Tel.

+ 41 44 253 1000 Florian Engi. Dr. John Mcdougall often says this. Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 78 601 8440 Lele PyP Lele PyP is a 2008 fashion company of brothers and sisters Stephanie, Samantha and Bernardo Muller Knab, which specializes in women’s shoes and accessories. Stephanie Muller Knab designed studies in London and Milan during their fashion design only for friends and family footwear and accessories. After graduation, she found a specialized Studio, which produces high-quality and luxurious lingerie where she could put their creations into the reality. In January 2009, Stephanie brought their first collection under the brand name of Lele PyP on the market. Together with their brothers and sisters Samantha and Bernardo, which are responsible for marketing and sales of Lele PyP, she opened the world’s first Lele PyP store in December 2009 in Zurich. Since September 2010, individual models in the Jelmoli Zurich are available. Besides the Lele PyP store in downtown Zurich also the own shop on available from the comfort of your home is the ladies shopped can be. More Lele PyP stores are planned, inter alia within the framework of franchise concept of the brand.

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