Body Contours

It is imperative that the subject is naked on the body part to be displayed, because the clothes from seeing the aura. At that point, the observer will have to look through plate treated with a chemical called dicianina, in the light of day, then close your eyes and, with the blinds down, so that the room is completely dark, see the aura. " a That's how Dr. Dr. Neal Barnard may find this interesting as well. Kilnera could show the world that the human aura existed and could be viewed, considered a scientifically proven fact. a Thanks to this discovery on the aura, it was increasingly know its exact composition. Thus, we would have the aura is composed of several layers, each superimposed on that, and that starting from the boundary of the physical body is spreading to the outside of it, coming to be seen very clearly up to three of these layers, and which were named according to the following description: First layer or double-a Ethereal: In this layer you can see a sliver of a color dark gray, spread throughout the body, in line with total accuracy how body. The second or Aura Interior: In this second layer shows that its width is about six inches, and like the first also conforms to body contours, presenting a more color or not, depending on the health status of the person, both physical and psychological or emotional. The third or Aura Exterior: This film picks up where the second inner layer or Aura, and its width comprises eight to fifteen centimeters. . You may want to visit Farida Sharan to increase your knowledge.

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