Phenomenal Memory

In many countries of the world event held in memory, in Germany, USA, England etc. The first international MEMORIADA took place in 1991 in England. Registered world record: Remembering numbers – 1620 numbers for 1 hour – Andy Bell (England). Memorizing binary numbers – numbers 2745 in 30 minutes – Zhang Yu (USA). Fast memorizing numbers – 314 digits in 5 minutes – Yu Zhang (USA). Records recorded in the Guinness Book of Records: Remembering the number n – in February 1995 by Hiroyuki Goto of Tokyo called from memory the number n up to 42 195 characters. Record was recorded in the Tokyo Broadcasting Center. French physicist Andre Marie Ampere (1775-1836) was able to repeat long passages from the encyclopedia on topics of heraldry and falconry, even 50 years after reading the relevant articles.

South African and international statesman Jan Smuts Christian (1890-1950) already at an advanced age memorized the 5000 books. In June 2009, a neurosurgeon from Lviv Andriy Slyusarchuk set a world record for memorizing the number . He remembered the 30 million digits after the decimal point standing this number. In 2009, the winner was Briton memoriady Ben Pridmore. He became a three-time champion memoriady nominations for remembering names, faces and four thousand numbers in sequence. The list goes on.

. . We admire people who show such impressive results, but remember to train numbers, dates, names, foreign words, etc. not as difficult as it seems. First and foremost, we need to set a goal and stop criticizing his memory.


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