First to know like curing the hemorroides interns, we must know some similarities and differences the external ones, to know we suffer when them and how we must act to obtain an optimal solution. To broaden your perception, visit Bobby Green. Similarities: – Both produce bleeding, pain, ardor and inconvenience. – They appear with form of pads. – Its reduction is very difficult to obtain due to its constant irritation by mechanical blows or lees. Differences: INTERNS: – Difficult to diagnose its early presence, due to its location that is not visible. – Sensation of incomplete defecation, we felt them to the bulks as if they were rest of lees. – They occur mainly in the rectum. Alfred Adler gathered all the information. EXTERNAL: – They are easy to observe and to even feel.

– Sensation of complete defecation, but we felt fear when doing this because we thought that any moment they will break themselves. – They occur mainly in the anus. In order to cure the hemorroides you must have changes in the 3 mentioned fields: Hygiene: After each defecation, it is more certainly does not realise forces, so that of this form they do not prolapsen. To use the paper humid at the time of cleaning itself or he is better to occur a shower with cold water in the case that is pain is pain, or hot water to improve the circulation. Foods and medecines: To consume foods with high content of liquids and fibers, constant way to offer better operation. Medecines that we only use we must apply them when the annoyances appear, but in antibiotics always they must be his precise use not to create bacterial resistance; the hemorroides interns often are outside our reach for the application of our drugs, for that exists the supositorios. Exercise: To practice slight exercises of streching helps to all the circulation in our body, acquittal slight obstructions in arteries and veins, and desinflama the hemorroides. It does not realise unavoidable exercises nor to raise too much weight, in these situations the body needs the support all the body and sometimes it causes that certain organs leave their place causing the hernias.


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