Spaghetti Recipes And Cooking Ideas

Useful information around the topic of spaghetti recipes are spaghetti in Germany a popular dish, although they originally come from Italy and prepared there is often quite different. Spaghetti are about 25 cm long and have a diameter of two millimeters. The word spaghetti has been taken over by us Germans from Italian and means “String”. Spaghetti should not be broken before the cooking process, preserve the typical length. In Italy, spaghetti often also in the Pan are roasted and already mixed with the sauce. These are then wound on the inside edge of the plate with the fork.

While wrapping up here on land with the spoon, this is considered violation of table custom in Italy. The Italian seasoning spaghetti often only with oil or spices (spaghetti aglio olio) or with a creamy sauce such as z.B Bolognese (with minced meat), Carbonara (with cream and ham) or a tomato sauce (NAPOLETANA). Spaghetti in Germany are often eaten, there numerous, easy to create sauces but also many ready-made sauces or ready meals. No matter which recipe you choose, you should prepare the sauce with olive oil, which is typical for Italy. Also the addition of onions or bacon gives a special touch many sauces. The spaghetti are brought in a wide saucepan with salt water to a boil. After cooking the spaghetti are doused with cold water but just drained. Spaghetti always be prepared “al dente”, i.e.

approximately nine minutes. To further refine its spaghetti dishes, can be made even the spaghetti. In this way, the spaghetti are even slightly healthier as you can for example wheat flour by healthier flour irreplaceable. For a good noodle dough, it is important to establish a good dough from the ingredients. Should this be too dry, you can just still a little olive oil then add. Pasta molds help making your own pasta variations. But those who don’t want the spaghetti itself has to prepare, can also take a look in the refrigerated counter of his grocery store (even with discounters such as Aldi or Lidl) – often there is there fresh pasta variations in portions packaged. These are however much more expensive than the normal package spaghetti, is to have for a few cents. Yet – with a little whistle, perseverance and imagination you can conjure up a great meal from simple spaghetti. As a side dish, we recommend iceberg salad with sweet sour cream dressing or oil and vinegar. There are also other salads. Spaghetti dishes offer a variety of options. With the sauce, you can constantly vary and create new dishes. You will find plenty of spaghetti recipes on

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